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Coach et fondateur
Raymond Millar  
 1943 à 2016

Voici un hommage a Ray Millar d'un ancien joueur :

Jim Shaver     I remember so much about Ray, I also worked with him at le Plage and Roi du Nord for 4 years. When I was a kid he showed us football movies made by Bud Wilkinson, the head coach of Oklahoma University. Black and white classics from the early 1960's on football basics, blocking and tackling...we watched them on the bare white walls in the basement of the chalet at Roi du Nord.... Ray and I also had the same 10 speed bike, a white 25 inch frame Peugeot, the top bike in it's day.... we used to go to the top of the hill on Dufferin and roll down and see who went the farthest... he was fun and also up for something new, his local stories filled me with so much of Ste Rose and growing up there, local hero's were hero's... Ray and I used to spend hours on the football field kicking the ball back and forth, around 13 I could outkick him, by 16 I was kicking 60 yards! In my last game as a Scorpion I was about to go out and punt and Ray grabed my arm and said make it a good one, it was....went over 73 yards in the air and was measured out at 95 on the roll...he loved that one....well so many memories of him right now, just so in shock still


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